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July 2015 Giveaway

July 2015 FTBT Giveaway

Win a RIDGID & Arctic Cove Beat The Heat Package!

Alright folks, we are in the dog days of summer and it is getting hot up in my shop!  My shop is my garage and I don’t have the luxury of A/C or heat…yet (that’s a post for another time).  When it gets up past about 82 degrees in the shop I’m toast.  And forget about being outside when it’s 95+ and humid as all get out.  In step my friends at RIDGID and Arctic Cove!  They are sponsoring this month’s giveaway and it’s all about how to Beat The Heat!  Check out this prize package that will keep you cool for the rest of the summer.

First up is one of RIDGID’s new products to the Gen5X line, the 18V Hybrid Fan.  It will work with any RIDGID 18V battery, but it also can be plugged into an extension cord.  Hybrid…brilliant!  This puppy moves some air and is quiet to boot.  It’s earning it’s weight in gold lately in my shop.  You can check it out more by clicking the picture.

RIDGID Hybrid Fan

The next piece is the Arctic Cove Bucket Top 18V Misting Fan.  This dude is pretty cool.  You fill up a 5 gallon bucket with water then set the fan on top and put the pickup tube in the bucket.  Viola!  Your own misting station!  I wouldn’t use this in the shop, but outside in the driveway or doing yard work it’s perfect.  And I bet it would be a hit at the beach, pool, or soccer game to name a few.

Arctic Cove Bucket Mister

The next two pieces are some nice little add-ons from Arctic Cove.  The 16oz Personal Misting Bottle is like the 18V Misting Bucket but shrunk down Rick Moranis style (80’s movie trivia…look it up).  It would be great for a lower profile cooling option at the park, on a hike or at a sporting event.

Arctic Cove Personal Mister

And finally the Arctic Cove Multi-Wrap Cooling Towel.  It’s got ChillStitch technology so it must be good.  ChillStitch sounds like a sweet name for a band by the way.  Anyway…this ChillStich mojo does some magic where you wet the towel, pop it taught and then it cools better.  Yeah, I can’t explain it either, but it works.  I pair this bad boy with the Gen5X Hybrid Fan and I’m straight Beating the Heat in my shop!

Arctic Cove Multi-Towel

Use the widget below to get up to 11 entries into the giveaway.  Mobile users will click on the “Enter Competition” widget link to go to a mobile optimized page.  Giveaway ends July 31 at 7pm CST.  Open to US Residents within the 48 contiguous states only.  Good luck!

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  • Adam FURR DOGG Swanson

    Sweet dudes! I’ve been looking for this since you teased it last week

    • Brad

      Good luck!

  • Robyn Cobb

    this is too ‘cool’. thanks for the chance

    • Brad

      Absolutely! And thanks for sharing it.

  • Shirley Hormel

    great giveaway

    • Brad

      Good luck!

  • Brad


  • timmy06

    thanks for the chance great prizes

    • Brad

      Good luck!

  • Robyn Cobb

    it feels like the devil farted in my face when i open my door—i need these so i can breathe

    • Brad

      You are killing me, lol 🙂 Good luck!

  • Barbara Mayes

    my husband is 55 years old and works in a hot steel shop. it’s unbearable and the older he gets the worse the heat gets to him. this would keep him from melting at work, and would help his helpers too. thank you so much for considering us for this awesome cooling prize!

  • Robyn Cobb

    i’m hoping hoping this comes my way so do me a favor and quit entering today 🙂