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Gifts for Woodworkers – Christmas 2017

Gifts for Woodworkers and DIYers are a hot topic this time of year and I’m going to help you out today.  So when a loved one asks you for your woodworking Christmas gifts list, you just send them this link and say “go crazy”.  Boom, done.

And if you’re the buyer, then know I personally own all these tools and use them in my shop.  This isn’t a list of things I think look cool.  It’s a list I’ve made from my own experience in the shop and these ideas for gifts for woodworkers are sure to help you find some gems for your special woodworker or DIY enthusiast.

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Of course different gift givers need different price ranges.  No worries.  I’ve broken the gifts for woodworkers list down into 5 categories:  Under $10 (Stocking Stuffers), Under $25 (Small Gifts), Under $50 (The Sweet Spot), Under $100 (Now We’re Talking), and Over $100 (Makin’ it Rain).

Gifts for Woodworkers Christmas Gift

Without further ado let’s get to the sweet woodworking gifts!

Gifts for Woodworkers Under $10 – Stocking Stuffers

There are some great inexpensive gifts for a woodworker in this group and at under $10 you can give several of them to that special woodworker, or share the wealth with a slew of your favorite craftsmen.

FastCap GluBot

My number 1 pick from this group is the FastCap GluBot glue bottle.  This little guy is simply a great way to always have glue on the ready.  No shaking the glue bottle to get it to the tip, just squeeze and go.

Product Details

The Rockler Glue Brush touches almost all my projects.  It spreads glue well and being silicone the clean up is a breeze.  It’s a great little gift for your woodworker.

Product Details

A flashlight like the UltraFire Mini might seem odd on a gifts for woodworkers list, but just remember, woodworkers love searching for great deals on wood, tools, and whatever.  And a pocket size light is perfect when jumping in that dumpster looking for salvaged wood.

comfort grip spray handle

If you’ve ever sprayed more than one can of spray paint at a time or even spray lacquer or polyurethane than you’ve gotten those hand cramps and that indention in your finger.  No longer!  This Comfort Spray Paint Grip makes spraying any aerosol can a breeze and gives you the feel of a real HVLP sprayer.  Highly recommend this woodworker gift!

DIY Flip Top Stand PDF Plans Download

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can also pickup any of my project build plans for under $10.  My most popular builds are the Flip Top Tool StandMobile Miter Saw Stand, and the Shoe Storage Bench.  Build a gift that will keep on giving!

Gifts for Woodworkers Under $25 – Small Gifts

Okay, we’ve stepped up the ladder a wee bit and there are some great finds under $25.  Check out these gifts for woodworkers that will surely brighten their day.

flush cut trim saw

My number one pick in the under $25 group is a Flush Cut Saw.  These come in handy for so many different applications when trying to trim dowels or long joints or even just standard crosscutting.  This one is my favorite and it might fluctuate above $25 sometimes on Amazon, but here is another saw that is cheaper if you need to hit that budget.

kreg face clamp

One of the great all purpose clamps I have is this Kreg Face Clamp. If you use pocket hole joinery then you need one of these…period.  And if you want to spend a little more you can get the auto adjusting one or really go all out and get the larger auto adjusting one.


Who doesn’t like Christmas cookies?  Well, you can’t eat these, but the Bench Cookies are awesome for holding workpieces in place while you sand, rout, or cut them.  I use mine all the time.  Also checkout the Rockler version of these as they are sometimes cheaper.

This one is a new item on my gifts for woodworkers list, the Cabinet Hardware Jig from Kreg.  Basically if your woodworker is going to be mounting any kind of drawer pulls, knobs or handles then they can use this.  It makes repeatable mounting of cabinet hardware a breeze.

Micro Jig GRR-RIP Block

The Grr-Rip Block is a safety device that makes cutting on the tablesaw, jointer, or bandsaw so much safer.  This guy keeps your fingers away from the blades and grips the work like crazy.  I use this one on my jointer the most.

Gifts for Woodworkers Under $50 – The Sweet Spot

It seems like $50 is a sweet spot for gifts for woodworkers.  It’s a great level to find a gift that is little more than a stocking stuffer but still won’t break the bank.  Your woodworker will love these Christmas gifts!

Product Details

The Kreg R3 is pick in this category and it’s a great introductory tool to get into making pocket hole joinery.  You can clamp it or screw it to almost any surface and be making pocket holes in a snap.  If you can’t go for the K4 system then the R3 is the way to go.

Product Details

I love woodworking, but man there are some boring tasks like sanding.  Instead of listening to the drone of my sander for an hour, I throw my 3M Worktunes on and listen to the radio or plug them into my cell phone and listen to my favorite podcasts.  Love these things.

spray shelter pop up spray booth

This woodworking gift is a great companion to go with the comfort spray paint grip.  It’s a pop up spray shelter you can setup in your shop for small spraying jobs (paint or clear finishes) and it will help keep the over spray from getting everywhere.  It also folds up into a smaller bag for storage.

This is a pretty cool accessory that will help woodworkers keep dust down in their shops.  It’s an iVac Automated Vacuum Switch.  I use this exact switch on my Mobile Miter Saw Stand and it works by triggering a shop vac to turn on when the tool is in use then turn off 2 seconds after the tool turns off.  Automated dust collection means they’ll actually use it!

Product Details

A set of Forstner Bits is going to open up a lot of new things for you as a woodworker.  These bits can make flat bottomed holes and are also great at doing larger holes over 1/2″ that drill bit can’t take care of.  I seem to use my forstner bit set all the time.

Gifts for Woodworkers Under $100 – Now We’re Talking

We’re getting into some serious tools in the gifts for woodworkers under $100 group.  Any woodworker would have a huge smile opening one of these gifts.

Product Details

My top pick under $100 is the Kreg K4.  If you are going to use pocket hole joinery (one of the fastest and easiest joinery methods), then a Kreg K4 Jig is going to take you to the next level.  It’s head and shoulders above the cheaper Mini and R3 and allows you to quickly clamp, drill, and change workpieces.

5.5 Amp Corded Compact Router

The RIDGID Compact Router is one of my favorite little handheld tools.  It’s excellent for putting roundovers on projects and other small router work.  And here is a quality set of router bits if they need some to get started.

Product Details

The Microjig Grr-Ripper is the big brother to the Grr-Rip Block.  It’s specifically designed for use on the table saw and makes cutting much safer.  I use one every time I’m cutting small pieces and my comfort level is so much higher.  You can go for the GR-100 or the GR-200 with some extra features.

Product Details

What woodworker likes changing tablesaw blades?  Not this one!  I added a Freud 50 tooth Combination Blade to my arsenal and now I pretty much leave it on all the time.  It excels at ripping with the deep gullets and also leaves a fine finish with the high tooth count.  Best of both worlds!

isotunes ear buds

If you want the next step up from the 3M Worktunes then you’ll want to look at these Iso Tunes Bluetooth Earbuds.  They protect your ears, take phone calls, and let you listen to your favorite music or podcasts (like Made For Profit) all at the same time!

Gifts for Woodworkers Over $100 – Makin’ it Rain

The sky is the limit for the ones you love, so here are a few gifts for woodworkers to consider if you are trying to make it rain woodworking goodness.

Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander

My top pick in the over $100 group is the RIDGID Oscillating Spindle Sander.  Words can’t even describe how much I love this machine.  It makes rounding corners and flattening small proieces an absolute breeze.  And at $199 I think it’s a bargain, and so do others judging by the reviews!

RIDGID Drill Driver Combo

If you need a drill and driver combo, then this RIDGID 18V Brushless Drill/Driver Combo is a great choice.  I have these with the Lifetime Service Agreement you get free batteries for life after you register.  Just one of the reasons why I’m a huge fan of RIDGID.

worksharp 3000 sharpening system

Sharpening chisels, plane blades, and other cutting tools is always a chore.  Not with the Worksharp 3000!  This sharpening system makes sharpening your blades a breeze.  I’ve had mine for many years and it works great!

GEN5X 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (5-Piece)

And for the ultimate gift for a budding woodworker, the RIDGID Gen5X 5 pc Combo Kit.  This kit gets you a Drill/Driver Combo, a Reciprocating Saw, a Circular Saw and a LED flashlight all in on amazing kit.  It’s a hefty tool kit that will power your special pro for years to come.

graco cordless sprayer

This new Graco Cordless Sprayer has taken the Intagram Woodworking world by storm.  Everyone who has one (including me) raves about them and how nicely they apply both paint and clear finishes like polyurethane.  It’s not cheap by any stretch, but a cordless sprayer with easy clean up is definitely a game changer.

Now you have a great list of Christmas Gift Ideas for Woodworkers.  Go out there and buy that special Norm Abram in your life something that they’ll love!  And if you’re still looking for more gifts for woodworkers than check out My Tools page where I list out a lot more of the actual tools I use in my shop.

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