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DIY Wooden Doormat

By Mar 21, 2016November 28th, 2020Free Plans, Home Decor, Outdoors, Plans, Projects
DIY Wooden Doormat

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Today I’m going to show you a great project for Spring to spruce up your front porch.  This DIY Wooden Doormat can be made easily in a few hours and will look great in front of your house or even at the back door.  This wooden doormat is my version of the DIY Workshop build being held all around this country this weekend.  Read down to the end to see more versions by some other awesome bloggers! #DIYWorkshop

DIY Wooden Doormat Plans

DIY Wooden Doormat-25 DIY Wooden Doormat-38 DIY Wooden Doormat-39

I’ll show you how I made this with my tools, but the beauty is you could make it with only a cordless drill and a handsaw.  So anyone can build this one!

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DIY Wooden Doormat Plan-a

free project plan download

Click above for free plans for this project!

Alright, let’s get down to business!  The final doormat will be 36″ wide and 18″ deep using these plans.  We’ll start with 10 of the 36″ 2×2 pressure treated balusters.  These guys are cheap at just over $1, so buy a few extra and take time to pick the straightest ones without knots.

Start by cutting 30 pieces (3 per 2×2) to 9-3/4″ long.

DIY Wooden Doormat-1t

Using the offcuts from the remaining pieces, cut 12 pieces to 3″ long.  You should just be able to get 2 pieces from each offcut.

DIY Wooden Doormat-2t

Next you’ll drill 7/16″ holes in the pieces for the 3/8″ sisal rope.  The holes will be 1-1/2″ from the end and 3/4″ from the side of each piece.  I used my drill press  and made a quick jig for repetitive holes by brad nailing some scraps of plywood together to form a 90 degree angle.  If you don’t have a drill press, a cordless drill can just as easily be used.

DIY Wooden Doormat-4t

For the long pieces you will drill holes in both ends.

DIY Wooden Doormat-5

After you are done (phew, drilling 72 holes is no joke) then you’ll have a couple big piles of boards with holes in them.  Don’t worry, we’re almost to the fun part.  Sand all the cut edges with a sander before the next step.

DIY Wooden Doormat-8

Before we get to the fun part though, we’ll need to apply finish to the boards.  You can do any number of things here, but I went with an exterior weatherproof stain in a cedar color.  This will keep it looking good in the sun and rain.

DIY Wooden Doormat-9

I used 2 coats per the manufacturer’s recommendation and I think the color turned out great.

DIY Wooden Doormat-10

Okay, NOW we’re at the fun part where you get to see it all come together!  I grabbed a 50′ roll of 3/8″ sisal rope to hold things together, but if they sell it by the foot you can get by with 15′ and have some to spare.

Start by wrapping tape (i used electrical tape) around the frayed end of the rope.  This will help you feed it through the holes easily.  Then start with a small piece and alternate back and forth until you have 6 of each strung.

DIY Wooden Doormat-11

Then you’ll loop the rope across the long piece and bring it back down, but this time fill in the gaps with more long pieces.  Then swing back up the other side using the same method.

DIY Wooden Doormat-12

For the last side you will go back to alternating long and short pieces.

DIY Wooden Doormat-13

Tie a knot in the end of the rope and then go back and tighten up the slack in the rope through the whole doormat.

DIY Wooden Doormat-14

Pull the rope as tight as you can and cut it from the spool with enough rope for another knot.  Cinch the knot down as tight and close to the wood as you can.  Cut the extra rope off and you are all done!

DIY Wooden Doormat-15

Put your doormat out and just wait for the compliments to roll in when your friends and family come over and see it!

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  • Mike says:

    Hi Brad, I started making this and just want to point out that the holes need to be at 5/8″ from the sides in order to be centered.Great project!

    • Brad @ says:

      The center of the hole should be 3/4″ from the sides. It will be something less than that from the sides to the edge of the holes (3/4″ minus 7/32″ to be exact) 🙂

  • Crissie @sawdusttosequins says:

    Love your design Brad!! This was a super fun project to be a part of. Thanks for the invite friend!!

  • says:

    Looks great, Brad! Awesome job, my friend!

    • Brad @ says:

      Thanks, Jen! Yours was so awesome. Loved that tribal design!

  • Bruce (@Brudaddy) says:

    Looks great! Hey, your Glued N Screwed link is broken.

  • Bower Power says:

    I swear I see the mat – but seriously….I am having trouble focusing due to the green haze of jealousy over your drill press 🙂 xo – kb

  • heather t says:

    So cool. I love your take on this! It turned out great!!

  • Amber @ Wills Casa says:

    I love the color you got with that stain! It really warmed it up! Great mat pattern too!

  • Mindi says:

    Awesome Brad!! Great minds think alike! 🙂