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We make content for YouTube and social media to teach and inspire people to Build Something Awesome! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned woodworker we'll bring new projects, teach new skills, or just give you a different way to look at things to help you on your journey. Welcome!

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About Brad Rodriguez

Hey, I’m Brad. I started my journey in woodworking innocently enough in 2002, taking an Intro to Woodworking class at my local Woodcraft store. I made a simple serving tray and was amazed by what I was able to do with my hands in just one afternoon. I followed up that class with more classes at a local High School Woodshop that offered night classes. My girlfriend was a teacher at the school and turned me onto the classes. I was loving my new found hobby and enjoying building things as a creative outlet.

Around the same time, I had also bought my first house, a 1905 build in Cincinnati, OH and that’s where the fun began. Over the next 4 years I learned everything there is to know about home repair and DIY…okay, maybe not everything but it felt like it! I had gotten more into the DIY world than the woodworking world and I wasn’t so much making things as I was fixing things, but I still felt a pull to make, to create, to build.

In 2005, that sweet teacher girlfriend of mine, Susan, became my wife! In 2006, we moved into a much newer house…a 1917 fixer upper. We spent the next 3 years replacing cabinets, tiling, wiring, siding, painting, and patching that house into a thing of beauty. All the while I was working with my tools and honing my carpentry skills, but neglecting my finer woodworking skills in favor of fixing this and building that (see what I did there?). Our 1st son came in 2008 and we moved out to the suburbs into a 12 year old house…I was done with leaky pipes, cracked plaster and squeaky floors. 2 kids later we had settled into life as parents and my woodworking was a sporadic hobby I dabbled in every few months.

Then things changed. It was 2013 and I had the opportunity to move back home to Nashville, TN where I grew up and after a lot of deliberation, we took it! After getting settled into our new home (this one was actually built this century!) I discovered this thing called Instagram. Yes, I’m lame for just discovering Instagram in 2013. But I was blown away by the woodworking community there. I poured myself into my woodworking. I started by building some storage and some shelves for our closet. Then I got into reclaimed wood and made several state signs, some coat racks, and a few other home decor items. I was hooked again!

In early 2015 I launched FixThisBuildThat.com to continue to pursue my passion and to share it with a broader audience. In June of 2016 I launched my YouTube channel and have loved adding video to my offering. I worked the side hustle for 2-1/2 years after launching the blog, learning and growing along the way. And in August of 2017 I quit my day job and became a full time content creator! It’s been an amazing journey and I’m getting to do what I love every day and sharing it with this amazing community.

If you’ve made it this far now you know a little bit more about me. I love the idea that I can inspire others to pick up their tools and build something useful, meaningful and beautiful. And I also love seeing what you make, so please share it with me on Facebook, Instagram or the comments on these pages! Or head over to my Contact Me page and send me a note.

God bless!