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How to Build a Mobile Miter Saw Station : Part 1

mobile miter saw station plans

Plans for a Mobile Miter Saw Station

Hey, guys!  I’ve partnered with RIDGID Power Tools on an awesome project to make your miter saw perform like a champ.  I’m going to show you how to build a  mobile miter saw station in a 2 part build.  I’ll give you a full walk-through and you can get plans for the miter saw stand.  This project is going to give your shop workhorse tons of flexibility, plenty of work support, mobility, and a ton of upgrades.  This workstation is a great addition to any garage or workshop short on space.  The plan is made to fit the RIDGID R4122 12” Dual Bevel Miter Saw, but the measurements could be modified to fit other models as well.

mobile miter saw stand

The Mobile Miter Saw Station is made from 2 sheets of ¾” plywood.  It is 39” tall on 3” casters.  With side wings extended it’s 93” wide and will support just under 4’ of stock on each side, allowing you to make end cuts on 8’ stock with full support.  With wings closed it’s 38” wide and 24-½” deep, giving it a small footprint. It has a spot for a vacuum to control dust and an open shelf for storing workpieces while making repetitive cuts.

There are several upgrades I made to the workstation plan to give it added performance and usability.  You can add some, all or none of these upgrades depending on your budget and preferences.  A basic version built out of common plywood can be made for right around $100.  But upgrades such as better plywood, larger casters, dust collection, an automated vacuum switch, and an aftermarket fence and stop system can make this build a workshop masterpiece.

Mobile Miter Saw Station Dream Build

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Here is what you’ll need for the project:


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Mobile Miter Saw Station Plans

Detailed PDF Plans

The build is broken down into 2 main posts.

Mobile Miter Saw Station Part 1:  Base and side wing supports

:  Side wings, fences, and upgrades

All parts are ¾” plywood unless otherwise noted and screws should be predrilled and countersunk before installing.  The base is made of 2 sides 32-¾” tall and 3 shelves 24-¾” wide.  The width of the sides and depth of the shelves matches at 23-¾”.  I built the base on a flat sheet of melamine because my garage floor is too wavy.

Assembling the Miter Stand Base

Drill pocket holes on the underside of the left and right edges of the shelves.  Using a right angle and c-clamps or similar, secure the top shelf 1-¾” down from the top of one side using 1-¼” pocket hole screws.

mobile miter saw stand top

Secure the other side to the top shelf using the same method.

mobile miter saw stand top

Attach the middle shelf to each side  5-¾” down from the top shelf.  Using a bar clamp to hold the sides together is useful here.

mobile miter saw stand mid shelf

Screw the bottom shelf in place flush with the bottom of the sides.

mobile miter saw stand bottom shelf

Check the cabinet for square by measuring from corner to corner, first from the bottom right to top left and then from the top right to bottom left.  The cabinet is square when the measurements are equal.

mobile miter saw stand square check

Cut a back piece approximately 31” by 26-¼” to overlap the sides, top shelf and bottom shelf.  Measurements may vary depending on your plywood.  Tack the back in place at two corners with a 18ga Brad Nailer and then secure with 1-¼” screws around the edges.

mobile miter saw stand nail gun

If you will be adding dust collection, drill holes for the vacuum hose and the power cord in the back.  I drilled a 2-½” hole for the vacuum hose and a 1-½” hole for the power cords.

mobile miter saw stand back holes

Flip the cabinet upside down and mount the casters on the bottom corners.  Use 1-¼” screws into the sides and back and ⅝” screws when attaching only to the bottom shelf.

mobile miter saw stand casters

You’ve finished the base, way to go!

mobile miter saw stand base

Making the Miter Saw Station Side Wings

Next you’ll make and attach the side wing supports.  Cut a piece to 37-¼” by 23”.  Make a diagonal cut from 4” in from the top to 4” in from the bottom as seen in the picture.  I used a 5” spacer (the width of my Gen5X base plate to the blade) to position a straight edge for the cut.  Cut the triangular end off each piece off to make them 28” long.  

mobile miter saw station sheet goods

Cut two 5” by 2” support riser pieces.  These will hold 2-½” hex head bolts and wing nuts used to level the side wings.  Drill a ⅜” hole 2” deep centered on the top of the support riser.  

drilling holes for inserts

Using a hex wrench, screw in a ¼”-20 x 20mm insert nut into the ⅜” hole.  Install the hex bolts and wing nuts.  The insert nuts, wing nuts and bolts are available in the hardware section at your home center.

threaded insert

Attach the support risers to the side wing supports with glue and 1-¼” screws.  The risers should stick up 1” past the side wing supports and be flush with the outside edge of the side wing support.

extension support bolts

Using a hacksaw or a reciprocating saw with a metal blade, cut two 25” pieces from a 72” long 1-½” piano hinge.

gen5x cutting hinge

Center the hinges on the long edge of the side support wings and attach them with ⅝” screws.  To make mounting easier, lay the hinge over the edge and hold it tight against the corner while attaching the screws.  Make sure you are attaching it on the opposite side of the support riser.

piano hinge install

piano hinge

mobile miter saw stand side wing supports

Mount the side wing supports to the base 2-¾” down from the top with ⅝” screws.  The supports should be flush with the front of the base when fully open at 90 degrees.  Use pieces of wood clamped to the supports to help position it flush with the front of the base as seen in the picture.  Have a helper hold the wing while you secure it.

mobile miter saw stand mounting supports

Alright, that’s enough for today.  Next post you’ll mount the saw and all the upgrades on the Mobile Miter Saw Station.  And you’ll be left with this bad boy!

Head over now to Part 2:

 Side wings, fences, and upgrades

mobile miter saw stand

Mobile Miter Saw Station Plans

Detailed PDF Plans

RIDGID provided me with tools and/or monetary compensation as a sponsor of this build.  All opinions are my own and are not filtered by the sponsor.

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  • Amyhb

    Great job! I need to build one of these, I have the saw and it needs a home. 🙂

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  • I need one! It would make me so much more efficient in the workshop.

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  • Mike Nevitt

    I plan on making this soon. Quick question, what size wood screws did you use? #6, #8, #10?? Thanks!

  • Herb Fogelberg

    Brad, I am really glad I started subscribing to your site. This project is just what I need. Everything in my shop I have built a base with casters so everything is mobile EXCEPT my sliding compound saw. I love this because it is a compactible, one unit design. Thank you.

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  • Rob Chang

    Is tihs an original design? It looks very much like one I built from Fine Woodworking

    • Hey, Rob. Most miter saw stations are going to look pretty similar just because there are only so many ways to do it. I used some of the same design features as others out there, but my design is different in several ways such as the moving and detachable fence, the side wing design, and the pocket hole joinery. I made sure I wasn’t copying other plans when making this.

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  • Marianne Inman

    I have a question, I have a slight problem that I’m hoping you have alternatives for. I do not have a Brad Nailer at this time and cannot afford to add another tool to my shop anytime soon. What can I use in place of the Brad Nailer? Have checked and in my local area they do not rent them. I know owning one would be a tremendous tool to have, just on a low fixed income, the power tools I have have been gifts, or inherited from my Pop.

    • Marianne, you can easily do without the Brad nailer. I just used it to secure things in place before screwing them in place. But you could just use clamps to hold things in place while screwing them down. If that’s all you’re missing then don’t worry about it!

      • Marianne Inman

        Thank you… I have one sheet of plywood in my garage shop, next month I’ll get the second and a few of the other items.. casters and hinges .. I really need a stand for my miter saw, love that this has everything I need in one!

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  • Matthew Bove

    Brad, Is there an actual PDF plan with the cut list?

  • John Andersen

    Brad – love your projects. Where do you get the orange casters? Have searched everywhere! Thanks!

  • Jim Welch

    Hi Brad. Looking forward to building this. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find the long 30mm threaded inserts…anywhere. The longest 1/4″-20 threaded inserts I find are 20mm. Any suggetions for finding the 30mm inserts?

  • Allen Polfer

    Good afternoon Brad. Wondering what the best type of plywood I can find at my local Home Depot would be for this project? Thanks!

    • Allen, I’d suggest using the Purebond plywood. They should have it in 3/4″ maple or birch. It’s the best they have.


  • Lane E Hart

    Any way you can see to combine this with the flip-top cart? Trying to figure out logistically if it would work.

    • Yup! Check my Instagram feed. I’ve posted at least 2 that reader’s have combined. Should work great!

      • Lane E Hart

        Nice thank you!

    • Yup! Check my Instagram feed. I’ve posted at least 2 that reader’s have combined. Should work great!

  • Jason

    Similar idea. Mobile Chop Saw Workstation with room for storing the saw when not needed: http://slowhandconstruction.org/2016/09/mobile-chop-saw-workstation/