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How to Install a Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speakers

By Nov 30, 2017July 10th, 2020Home DIY, Projects
new bathroom fan with LED light

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Install a bathroom fan with bluetooth speakers and you’ll be keeping your bathroom moisture free while enjoying your favorite music or podcasts!  This is the final post in my series on Smart Home integration that I’m doing with The Home Depot.  I’ve already showed you How to Install a Smart Thermostat and how to Upgrade Your Home with Smart Lighting,  and today I’m finishing of with a bathroom upgrade that most homes could use.  Even my house only being 9 years old already had rattling bathroom fans that needed some maintenance or replacement.  So today I’ll show you how to install a bathroom fan with some cool new features to replace those old contractor models in your house.

How to Install Bathroom Fan with LED and Bluetooth Speakers

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Here is what you’ll need for the project:

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How to Install a Bathroom Fan with Bluetooth Speakers

Here is the bathroom fan I’ll be installing. It’s the Home Netwerks Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light and Remote and has 100 CFM and is a quiet 1.2 sones. If you don’t know what CFM and sones are, they are the amount of air the bathroom fan moves and how much noise it makes while it does it. You can also see the speakers there in the grille which will hook up to the Bluetooth module in the fan housing during the bathroom fan install.

Homewerks bathroom fan install

If you’re like me then you have at least one old dusty, rattling, yellowed bathroom fan…I’d say we have at least three. I’ll be attacking the one that gets the most use which is the one over the shower in our master bathroom. It’s original to the house so about 9 years old and it looks it too.

old bathroom exhaust fan exchange

Remove the Old Bathroom Fan

The first thing I needed to do was remove the old rattley bathroom fan. I took the grill and light off and revealed the guts of the old unit. You can see how small the fan is on this contractor’s grade bathroom fan.

uninstalling an old bathroom fan

To uninstall the old bathroom fan I had to go up into the attic about the bathroom. If you don’t have access to the ceiling above the exhaust fan then you’re job is going to be a little harder. Here is what I found when I went up into the attic. The vent coming off the current bathroom fan had a tight 180 degree turn coming off of it. That’s no good for air flow.

venting an old bathroom exhaust fan

Prep for the New Bathroom Fan Install

I shut off the power to the bathroom fan and unhooked the vent and electrical wire and removed the unit. If you aren’t comfortable working with electricity then make sure you call a professional to do any electrical work. From below I was left with the opening in the drywall which I had to widen for the larger Home Netwerks bathroom fan.

enlarging a hole for a bathroom exhaust fan

Install the New Bathroom Fan Housing

After widening the cut out in the ceiling I put the new bathroom fan unit in. I had to shim out the left side with an additional 2×4 that you see here since my fan was right up against the stud. But other than that it was just a couple screws per support arm and it was held in place.

attaching bathroom fan to the studs in attic

I also positioned the new bathroom fan so the vent was pointed out toward the exhaust hole in the wall. This eliminated the 180 degree turn in the exhaust ducting and will let the fan vent properly.

new bathroom fan installed in attic

Connect the Wires and Grille for the New Bathroom Fan

Going back downstairs here was the view of the new bathroom fan. You can see those extra wires which are for the speaker connections.

bathroom exhaust fan with speaker wires

The bathroom fan install was almost complete, I just needed to connect the wires and put the grill with the Bluetooth speakers on to the bathroom fan. It looks so much sleeker than the old fan and the whole outer ring is the LED light which is a lot better than that single 60w bulb I had in there before.

new bathroom fan with LED light

Install the New Switch for the Bathroom Fan

The new bathroom fan has a special light switch to control it so you can control the light, fan and music all independent of the other. It’s a simple swap out for the old switch. Again, make sure all the power is off and you feel comfortable doing any electrical work.

remote switch for bathroom fan

You might have noticed the top of that switch says “night light”. This is one of the cool features of the light. You can turn on the night light mode and it goes to this blue LED light. The blue isn’t bright to the eyes but provides plenty of light to see by. So it’s great to leave on in case you have a middle of the night bathroom run and don’t want to blind yourself (or your spouse) by turning on the bright white lights.

LED night light on bathroom fan

And of course you can hook it up to your phone via the Bluetooth connection and play your music, podcasts or anything else from your phone. Now I just need to move on to the next bathroom fan install for the other yellowed ones…

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  • Daniel Chavez says:

    Hi. Had a question about the wiring. I have two switches, one for an existing fan and on for a light. There are a total of 4 wires ( each having black/white/ground) coming into the box, one incoming, two outbound to somewhere else and one coming from the fan. All white wires are connected together with a wire nut. Can I piggyback the white wire from the switch to these?

    • Brad Rodriguez says:

      I would consult an electrician. I’m not an electrician and can’t advise you on this situation.

  • Jonathan Kane says:

    You say in the instructions above that there is a switch included. I have been trying to look through their website and home depot as well to see if this is indeed true. I would like to purchase this fan, but I am hesitant because no where i have looked does it say “included switch”Thanks in advance, -Jonathan