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Custom Laser Wood Coaster Set

Custom Lasered Wood Coaster Set

Have you ever wanted to play with lasers?  Of course you have!  Ever since the Death Star came on the scene I've been intrigued with lasers and like Dr. Evil, I'm wondering why someone can't just give me some fricking sharks with laser beams on their heads??  Okay, I...

Quick Tip: How To Get Perfect Inset Drawer Fronts

If you have ever built a cabinet with inset drawers or doors then you know the challenge of getting them lined up properly.  You go through the dance of a little nudge here...a little nudge there.  Dang it, too much!  Rinse and repeat, ugh.  Well, I've got a Quick...
DIY Sideboard Cabinet

DIY Sideboard Cabinet: Part 2

Today I'm sharing with you the second and final part of the DIY Sideboard Cabinet build.  If you haven't read the first part about how I made the carcass, then you probably want to go check out Part 1 first.  We completed the main body of the sideboard in...

DIY Wooden Doormat

*This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Today I'm going to show you a great project for Spring to spruce up your front porch.  This DIY Wooden Doormat can be made easily in a few hours and will look great in front of your house or even at the back...
Rockler Custom Cabinet Pull Kit

Make Custom Cabinet Pulls from a Kit

I'm in the process of building a sideboard and today I'm going to show you how to make custom wooden drawer pulls for the cabinet!  Custom pulls really set off a piece of furniture and can transform the entire look of the project.  These pulls will used on the drawers...

DIY Sideboard Cabinet: Part 1

Ever have guests over for dinner or just have a large family?  If so then you know how valuable serving space in a dining room is!  Today I'm going to show you the first of a two part series on how to build a DIY Sideboard Cabinet that looks...
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