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Great Gifts for Woodworkers

By Nov 27, 2016April 16th, 2021Projects, Tools & Tips

The holidays are upon us and no doubt you’re looking for gift ideas.  So today I’m going to give you a whole mess of gift ideas for woodworkers & DIY’ers.  Now when someone asks you what you want for Christmas, you just share this post with them and say “I’ll take one of each”.  Yahtzee!

And if you’re the buyer, then know I personally own all these tools and use them in my shop.  This isn’t a list of things I think look cool.  It’s a list I’ve made from my own experience in the shop.

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To make this a little easier, I’ve broken the list down into 5 categories:  Under $10 (Stocking Stuffers), Under $25 (Small Gifts), Under $50 (The Sweet Spot), Under $100 (Now We’re Talking), and Over $100 (Makin’ it Rain).  So maybe Aunt Edna is only going for the Stocking Stuffer, but you can point your significant other to the Makin’ it Rain section and tell them how much you love them.

Great Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

  1. Under $10 Stocking Stuffers
  2. Under $25 Small Gifts
  3. Under $50 The Sweet Spot
  4. Under $100 Now We’re Talking
  5. Over $100 Makin’ it Rain

1. Under $10 – Stocking Stuffers

There are some great gems in this group and at under $10 you can give several of them to that special woodworker, or share the wealth with a slew of your favorite craftsmen.

Product Details

My number one pick from this group is the FastCap GluBot glue bottle.  This little guy is simply a great way to always have glue on the ready.  No shaking the glue bottle to get it to the tip, just squeeze and go.

Product Details

The Rockler Glue Brush touches almost all my projects.  It spreads glue well and being silicone the clean up is a breeze.


If you have some parts that need finishing or painting and all sides, then you’ll immediately see why these Painter’s Pyramids are great to have.  Paired up with my Spray Booth Turntable these make finishing a lot easier.


Drafting triangles are awesome in the shop.  I use them all the time for quick reference when setting up angled cuts and tend to grab them for drawing straight lines as well.  Grab a 45 and a 30/60 degree one too.


For precision 90 degree setups and tuning up my machines I turn to a machinist square.  This is a nice small one or upgrade to a larger set for a little more.

DIY Flip Top Stand PDF Plans Download

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that you can also pickup any of my project build plans for under $10.  My most popular builds are the Flip Top Tool Stand, Mobile Miter Saw Stand, and the Patio Cooler / Grill Cart.  Build a gift that will keep on giving!

2. Under $25 – Small Gifts

Okay, we’ve stepped up the ladder a wee bit and there are some great finds under $25.  Check out these gifts that will make any woodworker’s day.

Product Details

My number one pick in the under $25 group is the 3M 6500 respirator. I have this one and love it.  A good respirator and some particulate filters (yeah they are pink, what of it) are going to keep those nasty minuscule dust particles out of your lungs.  And if you want VOC protection for spraying oil based finish then get these VOC filters.


Woodworkers love making jigs, and most jigs need knobs.  This knob kit from Incra comes with the knobs, bolts and washers and is a great option for small footprint knobs.  These can come in handy for so many applications.


Next up is a Kreg Face Clamp.  If you use pocket hole joinery then you need one of these…period.  It holds the board flat while you drive the screws and make it so much easier.  The Automaxx variety and the deep reach Automaxx version of this clamp are a bit more, but are amazing.


Who doesn’t like Christmas cookies?  Well, you can’t eat these, but these Bench Cookies are awesome for holding workpieces in place while you sand, rout, or cut them.  I use mine all the time.

1-5in sanding pads

Another item that hits every one of my projects are these 5″ Hook and Loop Sanding Pads.  They can use the same sanding discs as a 5″ random orbital sander.  You get a flexible pad for contours and curves and a flat block for flat surfaces.  I love the contoured one.

Micro Jig GRR-RIP Block

The Grr-Rip Block is a safety device that makes cutting on the tablesaw, jointer, or bandsaw so much safer.  This guy keeps your fingers away from the blades and grips the work like crazy.  I use this one on my jointer the most.

3. Under $50 – The Sweet Spot

It seems like $50 is a sweet spot for gift giving.  It’s a great level to find a gift that is little more than a stocking stuffer but still won’t break the bank.  Your woodworker will love these!

Product Details

I love woodworking, but man there are some boring tasks like sanding.  Instead of listening to the drone of my sander for an hour, I throw my 3M Worktunes on and listen to the radio or plug them into my cell phone and listen to my favorite podcasts.  Love these things.  There is also a bluetooth wireless version available.

Dust Right® Universal Small Port Hose Kit

I’ve been using this Rockler Dust Right Small Port hose kit and its been pretty sweet.  It fits all my small tools and my shop vac can now suck up all that dust before it hits the air.

Product Details

The Kreg R3 is a great introductory tool to get into making pocket hole joinery.  You can clamp it or screw it to almost any surface and be making pocket holes in a snap.  If you can’t go for the more expensive K5 system or K4 system then the R3 is the way to go.

Product Details

It might not look like much, but the Rockler Insty Drive Countersink set is awsome.  They drill pilot holes and countersinks at the same time.  And the cool thing about them is that the drill bits are tapered, which allows your screws to have a better grip all the way along the pilot hole. This set is a little cheaper and might work great for you as well.


I got to use the Small Spray Shelter from HomeRight this year and I gotta say it’s pretty sweet.  It folds flat and pops up quickly and you won’t get spray paint all over your shop.  there is also a large version available for big projects.

4. Under $100 – Now We’re Talking

We’re getting into some serious tools in the under $100 group.  Any woodworker would have a huge smile opening one of these gifts.

Product Details

My top pick under $100 is the Kreg K4.  If you are going to use pocket hole joinery (one of the fastest and easiest joinery methods), then a Kreg K4 Jig is going to take you to the next level.  It’s head and shoulders above the cheaper Mini and R3 and allows you to quickly clamp, drill, and change workpieces.

5.5 Amp Corded Compact Router

The RIDGID Compact Router is one of my favorite little handheld tools.  It’s excellent for putting roundovers on projects and other small router work.  And as of this writing, there is even a deal going on where you can get the compact router and a sander for $99!


This new panel light from RIDGID has been a game changer for me.  It puts out 2500 lumens (that’s a lot), is dimmable, and is hybrid so will run off 18v or an extension cord.  I do a lot of work outside and now I can see what I’m doing at night!

Product Details

What woodworker likes changing tablesaw blades?  Not this one!  I added a Freud 50 tooth Combination Blade to my arsenal and now I pretty much leave it on all the time.  It excels at ripping with the deep gullets and also leaves a fine finish with the high tooth count.  Best of both worlds!

Product Details

The Microjig Grr-Ripper is the big brother to the Grr-Rip Block.  It’s specifically designed for use on the table saw and makes cutting much safer.  I use one every time I’m cutting small pieces and my comfort level is so much higher.  You can go for the GR-100 or the GR-200 with some extra features.

5. Over $100 – Makin’ it Rain

The sky is the limit for the ones you love, so here are a few gifts to consider if you are trying to make it rain woodworking goodness.

Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander

My top pick in the over $100 group is the RIDGID Oscillating Spindle Sander.  Words can’t even describe how much I love this machine.  It makes rounding corners and flattening small proieces an absolute breeze.  And at $199 I think it’s a bargain, and so do others judging by the reviews!


A set of Jet Parallel Clamps is a great addition to any shop.  They are spendy, but the parallel feature makes puts them head and shoulders above standard bar or pipe clamps. The Amazon price is pretty spendy, so see if you can find a deal around the holidays.  The Bessey version of these are great as well.

GEN5X 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit (5-Piece)

And for the ultimate gift for a budding woodworker, the RIDGID Gen5X 5 pc Combo Kit.  This kit gets you a Drill/Driver Combo, a Reciprocating Saw, a Circular Saw and a LED flashlight all in on amazing kit.  It’s a hefty tool kit that will power your special pro for years to come.


Yes, I realize this is a stretch, but the SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander is such a luxury in the shop.  If you work with figured wood, do production runs of items, or do a lot of resawing then a drum sander is going to pay for itself quickly over time.

Now you have a great list of Gift Ideas for Woodworkers.  Go out there and buy that special Norm Abrams in your life something that they’ll love.  And you can always get some great free and paid plans from my Woodworking Plans page as well!


  • Jonathan Walker says:

    Another great gift idea would be plans. For example, you are selling your flip top cart plans for $8. I know I’d like to build that for my shop (when I finish making space for it), plus I’d like those tools as well. Someone could print up the plans and roll them up, tie a bow around them, and put it in a stocking.